Our Information Technology & BPO Practice Group at The One Consultant Legal Advisory Firm has cultivated expertise in this rapidly evolving sector. We provide creative and practical solutions by combining industry knowledge, experience, and thorough legal research. Our dedicated team focuses on legal and regulatory issues specific to the ITS and BPO sector, ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive guidance across various aspects, including corporate and securities law, international taxation, and technology law.

The One Consultant Legal Advisory Firm is committed to delivering top-notch legal services in this dynamic industry, consistently recognized as a leading firm in India by the Practical Law Company in the Telecommunications and Information Technology sector.

The core of our work is primarily centered around resolving intricate legal issues within the IT sector. The advisory services provided by The One Consultant Legal Advisory Firm cover a spectrum of scenarios:

Advising a global computer systems leader on channeling investments into India through a tax-favorable jurisdiction for the establishment of software development and back-office operations.

Providing counsel to a prominent international financial services group regarding the tax-efficient setup of their BPO operations in India.

Assisting a U.S. private equity investment group in acquiring a stake in a leading Indian BPO company, specializing in transaction processing and customer contact services for corporations in the U.S. and the U.K.

Offering guidance to the world’s foremost private equity investment firm on its investment in an Indian CRM co-sourcing company, focusing on integrated customer care services.

Facilitating a leading Customer Contact Center in India, specializing in voice-based services, in drafting and negotiating outsourcing agreements. Additionally, advising on dispute resolution related to a sub-contract services agreement with a U.S.-based company.

Advising a U.S.-based BPO company, specializing in enterprise content production and repurposing services, on intellectual property and employment contracts concerning its Indian subsidiary.

Undertaking project management for a multinational software company in its acquisition of a U.S.-based technology company.

Providing legal counsel to a global vendor of human resource enterprise application software on its Build-Operate and Transfer (BOT) contract with an Indian software services provider for establishing a new, global implementation, development, and support center in Bangalore.

Negotiating a comprehensive set of software and hardware contracts on behalf of a broadband network software/hardware provider.

Drafting a software development agreement for an international photography equipment company.

Conducting a research study for a global financial services company, analyzing the legal intricacies involved in setting up operations for medical transcriptions, in-house insurance claims, and various other back-office operations.

Our Information Technology and BPO Practice Group at The One Consultant Legal Advisory Firm focuses on specific areas:

Internet of Things: Advising on legal and tax complexities arising from the convergence of the Internet of Things and addressing legal risks associated with wearables.

E-commerce: Creating innovative structures for cross-border investments into the Indian e-commerce space and providing business models to mitigate legal/regulatory risks in this sector.

Structuring Investments into India: Advising on various structuring issues involved in investing in India, including selecting a tax-favorable jurisdiction, dealing with permanent establishment, and utilizing transfer pricing instruments.

Data Protection: Providing counsel on data protection laws and their implications for multinationals/BPOs/captives based on business models and the nature of information processed/stored/collected. Advising companies handling sensitive personal information, including cloud service providers.

Regulatory Approvals: Obtaining necessary regulatory approvals for setting up and conducting operations in India.

Advising on Laws: Offering guidance on intellectual property protection, information technology, confidentiality, enforcement of foreign awards/judgments, and more.

Employment Laws: Advising on employment laws, including compliance with labor laws, drafting policies and procedures, employment agreements, etc., in the IT and BPO sector.

Documentation: Drafting and negotiating various corporate agreements, including term sheets, shareholders, share purchase, joint venture agreements, master service agreements, service level agreements, build-operate-transfer agreements, software license and distribution agreements, privacy policies, disclaimers, and website terms to ensure compliance under Indian laws.

Due Diligence: Conducting legal due diligence on companies in the BPO and ITS sector for prospective investors, identifying critical issues to be addressed.

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